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Queensland Data N Electrical Services

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Queensland Data N Electrical Services

Why Us

Richard SepiaManaging Director Richard Chapman explains why QDnE has the best solutions for your needs…

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Our company values detail, how we approach our day-to-day business and the importance we place on delivering quality solutions that our customers consider to be excellent value;

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Approach Helps create a friendly and lasting relationship. We aim to give every client certainty that their project will be delivered to their satisfaction;

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Will ensure that the customer’s infrastructure will deliver meaningful, long-term commercial benefits, addressing all of the business requirements. Providing solutions that, over their lifetime are economical and robust – yet flexible enough to allow the organisation to adapt easily to market changes and customers’ needs;

Vital to this is our ability to establish and understand a customer’s need – perhaps addressing what is a problem today while providing a foundation that, in reality, becomes an asset in the future.

The Customers success is literally built on ours – the success we enjoy every time we deliver a solution. I firmly believe that our quality products and services leave us with few true rivals in our marketplace.

Put simply, my aim is for QDnE to be our customers’ favourite supplier and to be amongst the most successful and highly regarded companies in our marketplace.

Director: Richard ChapmanState Winner - Annual Excellence Awards 2015 Data 72 SMALL  National Winner - Annual Excellence Awards 2015 Data 72 SMALL